Cialis 5mg – how to pick up the correct dosage for yourself!

Your physician prescribed Cialis 5mg so you want to know how to take this drug and something else about its adverse effects. There is an official instruction for this medication. But there are many different aspects manufacturer doesn`t note in it. That`s why it is important for patients to be informed in all sides of this drug action.

History of Creating: How Cialis Was Born

The main active substance of Cialis is the chemical agent named Tadalafil. Few people know that firstly it has been synthesised before the discovery of Viagra in 1998. Nevertheless, it was taken a lot of time for a long way for creating Cialis.

The history of Cialis began in 1990 when the drug company Icos began studying the properties of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. The first inhibitor (IC351) was opened in 1994. After thousands of experiments substances similar to modern analogues for the treatment of erectile dysfunction were synthesised.

Further, in alliance with the company, Eli Lilli made a final point in creating Cialis drug with such main ingredient as Tadalafil. A feature of the drug is (unlike the similar medications) the long active period. It can last for 36 hours.

Nowadays: What Do We Know About Cialis

At the first visit to a doctor patients with troubles in the sexual sphere have to clarify all their complaints, undergo some laboratory and instrumental examinations. After this doctor will decide what kind of pathology is here and will prescribe the correct treatment. Patients also have to be informed by the doctor about his disease. In general erectile dysfunction can be caused by various factors:

– trauma (need additional consulting of therapeutist and surgeon);
– traumatic spinal cord injury;
pernicious habits;
– pathology of external genital organs (injuries, different malformations);
– acute inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract;
– disorders of blood circulation in the genital organs and pelvis (usually is caused by atherosclerosis).

In the case of acute inflammatory diseases, presents men have to take anti-inflammatory drugs and even antibiotics to cure these illnesses. Pathology and injury are needed special surgical treatment. But the most common issue caused by vascular disorders can be solved with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Also, there are some options for prevention of erectile dysfunction.

There is a small amount of similar medications, each of which has its differences. For example, Cialis 5mg can be prescribed for people who have troubles in the sexual sphere at the first stages of their development. In addition 5mg Cialis even can be taken by persons like a preventive tool.

How To Pick Up The Correct Dose?

Cialis under the brand name Ely Lilly is sold in the packages with 2, 4, 8, 12, 20 tablets. Each pill can contain 2.5, 5, 10 or 20 mg. This depends on the degree of erectile dysfunction.

Let`s determine which dosage is suitable for different patients:

1. For prevention is used 2.5 mg tablets. The drug has mild action and usually doesn’t cause side effects. Is not suitable for the first reception.

2. The most common dosage is Cialis 5mg. It is prescribed for the daily intake by men with erectile dysfunction. Cialis 5 mg can be taken by patients of all ages (from 18 years age) and even by persons with light to the moderate chronic kidney, liver and heart diseases.

3. Pills with 10 mg of Tadalafil are taken by people when Cialis 5 mg cannot cause the desired effect. It is important to know that the cost of Cialis 5 mg is almost similar to the price of 10 mg one.

4. The maximum daily dose is 20 mg of Tadalafil. It can be prescribed for persons with unregular sexual life when a normal erection is needed only several times a month. But men have to be warned that increasing the dosage of medication grown up the risk of its adverse effects

Cialis 5mg was created for everyday usage (independently from sexual activity) by men with vascular erectile dysfunction. For the action of the drug, it must be accumulated in the patient’s bloodstream. That can be reached after a week of continuously taken of medication. So it is optimal dosage for the most of the patients.

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How Much Does Cialis 5mg Cost Now?

cialis 5mg best priceMen are able to buy original Ely Lilly Cialis or order generic one. It is known that generic tablets have the lower price than the original and almost similar mechanism of action. But it is an important issue for men how to order quality product and not get on the fake inactive drug.

Ely Lilly is a brand name of the manufacturer from the USA. Each drug in this country passes obligatory quality control (laser) and is available for sale on the market only if the medication is fully consistent with its intended purpose and doesn`t cause harmful adverse effects.

For many people, the only option is to order Cialis online. For example, the store Walgreens At The Corner of Happy And Healthy is perfect for this purpose. It is

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What is Cialis 5mg best price? One pill of 5mg Cialis original drug in the USA that is bought with prescription costs 3.10-8.20 dollars per pill. It is not low price and sometimes the insurance covers the costs for the purchase of this product. In average, the cost of one buy of Cialis is $41.12. Also, there are 200 dollars saving the card for men who buy Cialis the first time.

Women cannot buy Cialis with this coupon because an original drug was created only for men.

Another advantage of ordering Cialis online in the USA pharmacies is the next day delivery. So men can order Cialis 5mg today and take it from post tomorrow.

Besides it is possible to buy generic Cialis 5mg best price. Men can buy Cialis 5mg in Canadian pharmacies where it is not needed the doctor’s prescription.

Expectancy price for Cialis 5mg in 2017 will become lower. That is due to the fact that other pharmaceutical company from Israel got the license for its production. That fact according to the experts predict will make the cost of Cialis 5 mg more accessible.