Easy Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction: It Is Available For Everyone!

Why some people in the age of 50 have erectile dysfunction and other have not? This question is interested a lot of men that collided face to face with this trouble.

Not many patients know that it is easier to prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) than to treat it. Because there are no effective cure methods that can help the patient to get rid of ED totally.

How To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction?

Many people guess that it is not possible to avoid erectile dysfunction in the elder age. But it is a great mistake. There are not only general recommendations, but the person has to change the way of life.

Methods for prevention of the development of erectile dysfunction:

– to lead a normal and healthy life in all options;
– eat properly food and do it regularly;
– work out more than 3 times a week;
– monitor the health condition (visit a doctor, consult urologist);
– don`t abuse tobacco, alcohol, do not use narcotic drugs;
– do not use drugs that can cause erectile dysfunction, or use them only strictly prescribed -by a doctor (according to with instructions for their use);
– maintain a regular sex life without long periods of abstinence and sexual misconduct;
– if you have diabetes or hypertension the levels of blood sugar and arterial blood pressure should be as much as it possible in the normal range.

Avoid Stressful Situations

All diseases are caused by stressful situations. This fact is wide known.

Very often erectile dysfunction is due to the peculiarities of the psychology of man. And if we take into account the fact that all types of erectile dysfunction have an organic component. So it becomes clear how important are the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction among all other causes.

Troubles of erection can appear quickly if a man has:

– depression;
– prolonged stress;
– fatigue;
– general malaise;
– discontent with self and partner;
– inconsistency sexual habits and requirements of partners;
– fear of possible pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection.

An erection can not occur if a man tries to have sex is in strange situations or with a new partner. Such issues should be treated by psychotherapeutics. And Cialis will not make any difference.

When Cialis Cannot Help

To the neurological causes of erectile dysfunction may be related such diseases as:

– epilepsy;
– Parkinson’s disease;
– multiple sclerosis;
– brain and spinal cord injuries;
– the various operations at the pelvis and perineum organs.

Severe disturbance of erectile function after surgery or injury are often a serious problem. Also, Cialis cannot help for a patient with malformations of a penis and its blood vessels. Unfortunately, these groups of patients have to go over the penis prosthesis implantation.