1. How long will I have an erection after Cialis taking?

Cialis remains in the blood for two days after administration of a single tablet (with 5 mg of Tadalafil). Its effect lasts maximum for about 36 hours. If you want to hide the presence of Cialis (its active ingredient – Tadalafil) in your blood, you have to be tested only after 48 hours after the last pill was taken.

2. Will insurance covers Viagra, Levitra or Cialis?

Erectile dysfunction is not a disease that violates the capacity of men to work at their jobs. Therefore, any of these drugs are not included in the insurance. But, to reduce the costs of the treatment, companies that are producing original medications for erectile dysfunction treatment (Pfizer, Ely Lilly) make discounts and promotional coupons for their patients.

3. Does Cialis delay ejaculation?

No, medication doesn’t have such effect. It only relaxes the blood vessels of the penis so more blood can get into it. But Cialis has no direct influence on the time of ejaculation. Cialis only restores the normal erection. Don’t forget that it is possible only after physiological sexual stimulation.

4. Can I use Cialis if I have heart failure?

People with mild to moderate severity of heart failure can use Cialis in the same dosages like other. But men with the heavy severity of this disease should be careful because they have a higher risk of myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death. Such people have no contraindications to the account of receiving Cialis, but they have contradictions to the account of sex.

5. When can I use generic Cialis?

Generic Cialis is almost the same as the original drug. But a man who takes generic medication should notice such options:

– manufacturer of the drug;
– correct dose;
– additional side effects of generic Cialis;
– the quality of generic one.

Of course, generic medication has a lower price than an original one. But nobody can be sure that if you order generic drug (for example, from India) you will have the same effect like after Ely Lilly Cialis.

6. 2.5 mg Cialis – Will it work?

The therapeutical dose of Cialis is 5 mg. The dose with 2.5 mg Tadalafil is prescribed for patients with severe forms of renal chronic diseases. So if you take 2.5 mg for a first usage this dosage will be inadequate. But if you have been taking Cialis for a long period of time, this amount of the active ingredient may cause the desired response in the form of enhancing of physiological erection.

7. How to avoid side effects?

Don’t use Cialis with such chemical tools:

– nitrates (medications for angina pectoris treatment);
– nicotine (in your cigarettes);
– alcohol (not more than 40 mg of ethanol a day).

The risk of side effects increases significantly when a man take Cialis in conjunction with the drugs above. Without it, the risk of side effects of Cialis is very small.

8. I am 20 years old – can I use Cialis?

Cialis like a drug can be prescribed for persons in the age of 18 and elder. But according to the fact that erectile dysfunction the most commonly is caused by vascular diseases (atherosclerosis is the main) young person at the age of 20 has not indications for Cialis taking. Of course, it is hard to imagine the life of a young man without sex.

So if you are 20 and have a prescription from the doctor you can use Cialis. But consider all the pros and cons of receiving Cialis at such a young age. Because if you start taking that drug, you have to use it all your life.

9. How to treat erectile dysfunction without medications?

To treat severe cases of erectile dysfunction without drugs is impossible. One can prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction with the help of such methods:

– regular physical exercises;
– getting rid of bad habits;
– normal healthy eating;
– have the regular sex life with one partner;
– visit urologist to treat diseases opportunely.

These easy methods are the best option for prevention of the erectile dysfunction. It is better to prevent illness than to treat it.