Is There Any Dependency on Tadalafil And How To Avoid it?

During the taking of medication, a lot of patients mused about its side effects and dependency. Manufacturer Ely Lilly notes that Cialis doesn’t cause either physical or emotional dependency (when it is used properly). And we offer you to understand how could it be.

The Action of Cialis Tadalafil

History of the discovery of Tadalafil is quite interesting and deserves a special mention. Initially, doctors and pharmacists had tried to synthesise a drug that could treat angina pectoris and to improve blood flow to the heart muscle. But the result of their investigations was somewhat different.

Now Tadalafil is the main active ingredient of Cialis. Also, there are other drugs for increasing the potency, such as the original Viagra that can be bought in the online pharmacy. Sildenafil is the substance that has a strong ability to affect blood circulation in the area of the pelvic organs, including those in the penis, causing a rush of blood to this area, and as a consequence, erection. The most interesting feature of this medication is that the drug effect achieves only in the case of the natural sexual arousal. The drug has the ability to relax the smooth muscles in the blood vessels of the penis.

Addiction To Cialis: Myth Or Reality?

Has sildenafil addictive effect? Question About addiction to drug arises almost simultaneously with the appearance of its sale. It should be noted that doctors and pharmacists made a lot of attempts to answer this question.

According to the official data, this drug cannot cause physical dependence. So people are able to take it quietly. But if we speak about the emotional dependence, many pharmacists overlook the other side of the issue. Patients during taking the drug which is based on Tadalafil can cause psychological dependence. Researchers in this area have shown that many people who regularly before intercourse took the drug in the future just did not imagine the possibility of having a full sexual life without it.

How To Get Rid of Cialis?

If it so happened that Cialis caused addiction, do not stop taking the drug at one time. This should be done gradually. It is necessary to reduce the dose to its total cancel during the week. The patient can take pills even in one day. And therein lies the main rule of Tadalafil using.

Improvement of Sexual Activity With The Help of PDE Type 5 Inhibitors

It is believed that 80% of erectile dysfunction arises due to organic causes and 20% is caused by psychological factors.

Among the causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  • age (older than 50);
  • smoking;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • atherosclerosis.
  • Phosphodiesterase inhibitors are the first-line drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The mechanism of all three drugs action is the same: they have a peripheral action on the cavernous bodies. This leads to the relaxing of the smooth muscle of the corpora cavernosa. That`s why a man has a normal erection.