Paul B.
How Cialis Helped Me
I am 37 years old. Married for 5 years, and everything was fine till the first appearance of signs of erectile dysfunction. That`s why I went to the urologist. He diagnosed the initial stage of prostatitis. For the treatment, the doctor prescribed Vitaprost and Cialis 5mg. After two weeks of Cialis taken all symptoms of ED went away.

Alexander Z.
Amazing Cialis Action
Doctor prescribed Cialis and I was surprised by its action. First, the active substance completely removes from the body, and therefore it doesn`t cause addictive. Second, it works only with sexual excitation. Third, it is compatible with alcohol, although I get drunk with a small dose. I have no dizziness and headache. But there was a stable and a good erection.

Michael V.
Cialis For Constant Readiness
I’m 68 years old, 3 years use Viagra (Tarim) 50 mg twice a week before sexual intercourse. Recently. According to the advice of a urologist I tried Cialis. Enough 2 tablets of 5 mg pill for full sexual intercourse. But it slightly raised blood pressure. In few minutes everything returned to normal. For married life more convenient is Tarim, but for a constant “readiness” I`m going to use only Cialis.

Sergei S.
My Choice Is Cialis
I began to try Viagra Levitra, Cialis five years ago. To tell the truth, all these pills help for erection. But Viagra works only 6 hours that was insufficiently for me. Conversely, when I drink Cialis, I began to be a great big giant of sex.

Paul F.
Cialis And Testosterone
I had strongly high level of testosterone. I am 53 year. And my physician prescribed me anti-testosterone pills. They were really expensive, of course. Consider this I did not want to waste money so I bought Cialis. It was really good. And I will never stop Cialis taking.

Kirill B.
I returned The Brightness of Orgasm
I’m 48, with an erection it’s OK, but I began to notice that the brightness of orgasm began to disappear. Maybe it was the habit of thinking of one partner, that`s why I tried the other lady, the same effect it. I was on vacation, went to the urologistю He prescribed me Cialis. After this, all brightness of orgasm came back to me. My wife and I are satisfied. We would like to use Cialis further.

Justin G.
Cialis Needs A Time To Start Working
I am 45 and have problems with fast erection. I Took Cialis in 30 minutes before sex. But it did not help. The drug began to act only after 4 hours. Unfortunately, my partner was upset. Although the effect is present, and in general the drug can be used. But it is necessary to have much time for waiting for its result.